Don’t judge those FATS too soon!

 Read your news paper if you like but, DON’T EAT THEM!

I see that a lot of people have a habit of storing their vegetables, especially their greens, in newspaper. This is not a great idea, the ink used in newsprint is highly toxic and once it gets on your greens, it is impossible to wash it off.

23 sep smallThe best way to store greens is to wrap them in a kitchen towel or a paper towel and then put them is a box or plastic bag before putting them in the refrigerator. The same thing goes for your herbs like coriander, mint and basil.

I love way one of my suppliers sends me the greens – wrapped in leaves, instead of newspaper!

The secret to a tasty dish

More than culinary techniques or recipe, what really makes or breaks a dish is the freshness of the ingredients. When working with fresh, high-quality ingredients, you need to do very little to make them shine and taste great. Continue reading Don’t judge those FATS too soon!

Salad daze

Hello friends, Hope all is well and you had a good weekend. Sorry I was not able to send you mail for the last couple of weeks. My mailing list got all scrambled up! Those of you, who are taking my lunch did get the print out of the weekly menu every Monday. Over the last few decades, there have been a lot of fad diets that have scared people off including all kinds of fats in their diet. Despite their bad reputation, not all fats are bad. There is such a thing called good fat 🙂 OilsThe fact is that we need to consume fats in our diet to feel satiated, so we don’t reach for other unhealthier, calorie-rich food to satisfy our cravings. Fats are also important to facilitate the absorption of a variety of other nutrients. Anybody who cooks knows that you need fats to create delicious food. We need to use the right fats in the right way to ensure that we get the taste, satisfaction and health without harming our bodies. It is understandable why many diets advice people to shun fats – they have about 3 times the calories per gram when compared to proteins and carbohydrates. It is easy to assume, therefore, that eating fats will make you fat. But now, we know that fats alone do not cause weight gain; rather it is the imbalance of the wrong kind of carbohydrates and fats in our diet. Continue reading Salad daze

Food for the soul

Monday 2nd September Pesto salad Pesto Genovese on steamed string beans, young potatoes and carrots. Served with a side of basil and masoor dal salad. This is a version of one of the most famous Italian dishes, pasta al pesto. Here I am using starchy potatoes in place of pasta! Please forget the common myth about potatoes - they are actually a diet food since 1 full potato is only 110 calories yet very filling and can therefore actually lead to weight loss and/or weight maintenance rather than weight gain. It’s so nutritious, one could almost live on potatoes alone as they provide you with almost every nutri¬ent you need. Really! This includes protein, fiber, and most of the major vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, pasta is made of white flour and has very low nutritive value and unnecessary calories. Tuesday 3rd September Spinach & Pumpkin salad with mustard microgreens and spicy mustard sauce sauceBaby spinach is carefully selected and tossed with roasted pumpkin. Raw, previously soaked and dried crunchy walnuts are added to make a colorful salad that is rich in nutrients, crunch and flavor. Fresh microgreens of mustard not only will add a bite but boosts the goodness of the salad. Served with a side of yellow peas and a spicy mustard sauce. Continue reading Food for the soul

Eat healthy, be nutrition wealthy

Monday 1st July

Satisfying lobia and crispy vegetable salad with antioxidant-rich pomegranate dressing. Made with lobia (black-eyed peas) which contain a good amount of protein, fiber and vitamin B9 (fo­late). Also contains potassium, which is so im­por­tant for the proper functioning of every cell in our bodies and is critical for the proper functioning of our heart and other muscles. A good source of other minerals such as manganese, magnesi­um, phosphorus, copper and iron. Soaking black-eyed peas for many hours makes them a lot more bioavailable and increases their nutritional content.

Tuesday 2nd July

Zuppa di verdure – One of my most favorite dishes in Italian cuisine. Since it requires so many varieties of vegetables it is always hard to make in small quantities, happy that it is not an issue now. It is the most popular item in Italian menus around the world, along with pasta. Minestrone, meaning soup! Serving with a “creamy” double bean sage side and ragi crisps.

Wednesday 3rd July

Indian Jewel Salad. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pomegranate, semi-ripe mango and coconut together with yummy sprouts: Mung bean, moth beans, chenna, micro greens of sunflower and coriander. Sprouts are considered superfoods because of their high nutritional qualities. Loaded with protein, fiber, iron, calcium and other nutrients, sprouts are also high in bone-friendly and heart-healthy vitamin K. I am hoping you will feel the symphony of flavors while you chew on this salad. Enjoy! As always, please chew well..

Thursday 4th July

Stuffed and baked green bell pepper with masoor dal, red rice, greens in a tangy tomato sauce. Served on the side with a crispy salad and a simple dressing made of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Inspired by the Hungarian stuffed peppers made by my land lady from former Yugoslavia 20yrs ago! It is tasty served warm or at room temperature.

Friday 5th July

Goa-inspired salad made with green papaya, carrots, semi-ripe kobbari mango, red and yellow bell peppers and sprouts of mung and sunflower in a “creamy”, sweet and spicy coconut, kokum and coconut vinegar dressing. It is so satisfying both for its intense flavors and from the richness of the spicy cashews (made in house!). Served with seaweed “kismur” and raw food crackers

Bon appetit!

Juices each evening are
made with various combinations of organic carrots, beets, green mangoes, amla,
pomegranate, cucumbers, dosakais, spinach, sunflower sprouts, dark leaf
lettuce, sorrel, moringa leaves, lemon, ginger etc.

Morning smoothies are
all made with difficult-to-obtain organic superfood berries, protein-rich and
heart-healthy chia seeds, bananas and mangoes to give the sweetness as well
as the potassium from banana that your body needs to balance out the sodium
you eat through salt and other sodium rich foods.

Juices and smoothies are
freshly-made and delivered on Saturdays also.

The summer of mangoes

Hello everyone!   Hope it got cooler in Hyderabad and mango season is in full swing. Even though berries and apricots that I love are in season here in Europe, I realize that nothing compensates for the lack of mangoes. Perhaps a durian fruit would have done it for me but for that Europe is not the place to be. Last week, in a Florence market, I bought some imported mangoes that smelled great but their goodness went only as far as the smell. I apologize for the big mishap with the avocados a couple of weeks ago. It was quite embarrassing that I write all excitedly about how crazy I am about avocados and how I am going to generously share with you! 🙂 What can I say? Such is nature. Also, that is one thing which disappoints me in India – the farmers these days are often ignorant about what they are growing in their own farms and thus also ignorant about how and when to harvest their produce, especially when it is something that they are growing as a cash crop. Perhaps it is just part of their learning curve. It is very sad to see precious food go to waste as the avocados were not left on the tree long enough to properly mature! In fact, it is heart breaking…I have seen vanilla beans being grown in family farms where they bought synthetic vanilla essence for their own baking needs at home! I was not able to send a weekly menu for a couple of weeks as the organic produce was extremely limited in both quantity and variety. That is one of the reasons for giving my lunch staff a week off. Figured I will make the best use of the situation and take a week off for the lunch deliveries. Hope it did not cause much inconvenience to you. Now that it has cooled down and summer is coming to an end, we expect excitement again in our kitchen! Continue reading The summer of mangoes

A slice of summer

OilsThe "everyday food" which most people consume on a daily basis is sapping their energy levels, making them sick, overweight and literally “attracts” all sorts of diseases, many times chronic or deadly ones. The food choices we face daily are frequently:
  • High in unhealthy saturated fats which can lead to heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.
  • High in calories (empty calories with little or no nutrition).
  • Frequently fried and containing the dreaded trans fats. Formed when vegetable oils are fried with. Here’s more facts about trans fats: Continue reading A slice of summer

Mango mania and more

Think about what prepared food frequently looks like. Does it look like real food or not? What does it contain? Most people who take the time to think about these will be amazed at how far from “real food” today’s society has strayed. On the other hand, when food is prepared with the freshest ingredients, food which is naturally loaded with nutrients, food whose goodness you can see, smell and taste – then here’s what you can expect:
  • Gives you the nutrients you need to prevent and even reverse many diseases, including chronic ones
  • Live a longer and much healthier life. So not just adding “years to your life” but adding many more happy, productive and disease-free years! Continue reading Mango mania and more

My introduction to mango panna and your daily dose of healthy food

Blog-15Hello everyone, Hope you had a good weekend. I am sorry for disappointing you last week by not sending my little weekly bits…I know some of you said you look forward to them. Thank you :). I was traveling too much to put my thoughts together to send out a decent email, but I made plenty of notes on the go, and took lots of pictures. I’m hoping to be able to easily share with you with my upcoming blog and website. It should probably be ready in two weeks. I am back at ‘home’ in Florence and happy to be in the kitchen trying out new recipes. I was in Athens, Greece when I partially wrote this. I thought the smells in the city of Athens were truly intoxicating from a flowering tree all over the city called Paskhalia. Apparently it blooms around Easter (Paskha in Greek) for a short time, I just got lucky to be there at this time. Come to think of it, the tree, flowers and the little fruity seeds that form after the flowers are all very similar to our neem tree except the flowers here are like lilacs. There are a lot of varieties of jasmines too, so felt right at home! Also, the city is lined with a type of orange trees that are quite sour and a little bitter. I know it from casually picking them from a tree and trying them. No wonder people didn’t seem to have any interest in picking them to eat. We had two people at different times warning us that they are “not edible”, so obviously I was curious to smell and taste them! First I asked some people if they are toxic, and realizing that they’re not harmful but merely considered, as unpleasant-tasting by the Greeks, I was free to taste, smell, etc. They are called Naranja. Once again similar to our naarinja. The peel had fabulous aroma; no wonder it’s used in making sweets, jams and even essential oils. Continue reading My introduction to mango panna and your daily dose of healthy food

Menu for Week April 29th – May 3rd

Blog-14Hello everyone, Hope you had a good weekend, oops…what am I saying? We are almost in the middle of the week! Sorry, I am late in sending you my weekly menu. I’m travelling now and this week I can only send the menu itself and the blog will resume next week. I will have some interesting things to share with you next week. I can’t wait! 🙂 Here’s the menu for Apr 29 – May 3. All the dishes, as usual, are made with fresh organic ingredients! Monday 29th April Jowar, chickpeas and gongura salad. I know gongura is not a common salad green but it tastes excellent when used judiciously. This salad is served with a spicy gongura chutney to remind you of gongura pacchadi made by our mothers and grandmothers. Hope you enjoyed it! Tuesday 30th April Lobia salad served with ripe sweet mango and cucumber salad. I know that we are not used to eating sweet mango in vegetable salads but I thought it would be interesting to use it like in some the restaurants in the West which serve fusion cuisines. I personally enjoy this type of salads and find them very satisfying. Hope you too will like it. It comes with a red hot sauce and crunchy crackers. Please do try the salad without the hot sauce first as the salad has a nice balance of tastes even on its own. Continue reading Menu for Week April 29th – May 3rd

Menu for the week of April 22nd – 26th

Hello friends, Hope you had a good weekend. Here I am once again,writing to you from yet another part of the world, Barcelona, Spain!It is exciting to be in different places when I write my weekly menu:).This week my staff in Hyderabad got some great vegetables from Bangalore, thanks to climatic differences in different parts on India! I have planned a menu based on produce that I got or getting this week. Hope you enjoyed your lunches from my kitchen last week. Please do give me your feedback as it will help me to give you better meals :). Here in Barcelona, I see surprisingly little seafood despite being on the Mediterranean Sea. Lots of meat, meat and more meat!Having said that, we searched for places for good paella and did find a few right on the marina with some good seafood. Some specialized in seafood paellas. Paella (pronounced payeya) is a dish made with rice in a large flat pan together with vegetables, saffron and either seafood or meat. It is made differently depending on the region of Spain. In my experience, seafood paella in North America is usually made with chorizo sausage and hard to find without. I was happy to find good seafood paella here in Barcelona. Even though I prefer to eat vegan food and that’s why I send out only vegan meals, I do enjoy seafood when on the seacoast. I never eat meat as I got turned off by the idea of it some decades ago, so I wonder sometimes if this will also happen at some point in the future with regards to my occasional consumption of fish and seafood. Continue reading Menu for the week of April 22nd – 26th