A slice of summer

OilsThe "everyday food" which most people consume on a daily basis is sapping their energy levels, making them sick, overweight and literally “attracts” all sorts of diseases, many times chronic or deadly ones. The food choices we face daily are frequently:
  • High in unhealthy saturated fats which can lead to heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.
  • High in calories (empty calories with little or no nutrition).
  • Frequently fried and containing the dreaded trans fats. Formed when vegetable oils are fried with. Here’s more facts about trans fats:
  • 1. So harmful to our health, that they’re banned in restaurants of New York City and va¬ri-ous other parts of the US, Switzerland & Den¬mark.
  • 2. They increase the risk of heart disease, increase the levels of the “bad” LDL cholesterol & de¬crease the levels of the “good” HDL cholesterol.
  • 3. Trans fats greatly contribute to the formation of excess “free radicals” in the body which are directly linked to cancer. Trans fats can lead to a 75% increase in breast cancer, and an in¬crease in prostate cancer and other cancers.
  • 4. Trans fats can lead to weight gain, obesity, de¬pression, liver dysfunction, infertility in women and other health problems.
  • Highly processed foods which have been shown to cause many chronic illnesses, unnecessary weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure due to processed foods’ usually high salt content, low energy and tiredness, etc.
  • Lacking in nutrients or health benefits or providing little of the things your body really NEEDS for vi¬brant health and disease prevention.
  • Loaded with what’s been called “3 White Poisons”:
  • A) White flour
  • B) Sugar
  • C) Salt
  • Containing artificial colorings and dyes which can slowly rob you of good health and some of them can interact with your DNA and cause cell muta¬tions (which can lead to cancer & other diseases)
  • Containing artificial flavours (which are much cheaper than natural ones) which don’t allow you to truly taste the food’s natural flavors and dull your taste buds. Some of them are also bad for your health, in the long run.
  • Loaded with preservatives and “unpronounceable ingredients” which ensure that food can stay on shelves for months and even years. Imagine what it contains to be able to do that to ordinary food…
  • Excitotoxins like flavour enhancers MSG, hydro¬lyzed protein, gluta¬mate, and many others which have been demonstrated to cause eye and brain problems in both adults and children.
  • Additives put into food which frequently have just a few months of testing on animals and whose safety is unknown, at best, and harmful over the long term, at worst.
  • Ingredients which don’t have to be dis¬closed by food manufacturers. For example many, even well-known manufacturers of soups, juices and sauces are allowed to put chemicals in foods that are able to mask bitter flavors by turning off bitter flavor receptors on the tongue and thereby enhancing salty and sweet flavors. Do you really want “undisclosed” secret ingredients in your food which manipulate the way your senses and your brain work?
All these ingredients rob you of the vibrant health and energy you deserve, reduce your immunity, lifespan and quality of life and fre¬quently begin or speed up the onset of various diseases including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Diabetes is already so common in India but now its incidence is rapidly growing, as more and more people in India “discover” such food.

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