Don’t judge those FATS too soon!

 Read your news paper if you like but, DON’T EAT THEM!

I see that a lot of people have a habit of storing their vegetables, especially their greens, in newspaper. This is not a great idea, the ink used in newsprint is highly toxic and once it gets on your greens, it is impossible to wash it off.

23 sep smallThe best way to store greens is to wrap them in a kitchen towel or a paper towel and then put them is a box or plastic bag before putting them in the refrigerator. The same thing goes for your herbs like coriander, mint and basil.

I love way one of my suppliers sends me the greens – wrapped in leaves, instead of newspaper!

The secret to a tasty dish

More than culinary techniques or recipe, what really makes or breaks a dish is the freshness of the ingredients. When working with fresh, high-quality ingredients, you need to do very little to make them shine and taste great.

Even from a nutrition perspective, it is really important to get your fruits and vegetables as fresh as you possibly can. It makes a world of a difference, both in terms of flavor as well as nutrition. The process of nutrient loss starts from the moment they are picked!

Here are some tips for buying, storing and chopping your food so that you can get the freshest stuff into your body:

  • Avoid shopping for fruits and vegetables just once a week. Instead try and source fresh vegetables 2 to 3 times a week, finishing the previous lot before you bring in more.
  • Buy seasonal and local fruits and vegetables – this is the best guarantee of freshness! Mosambi and apples are in season now. Avoid buying waxed and imported apples, look for Indian varieties instead.
  • Do not buy produce that is bruised or discolored.
  • Don’t put every vegetable in the refrigerator. If you plan to use them within a day, leave them out. The change in temperature causes a degradation in flavor.
  • Some people get their help to chop their vegetable in advance, even the previous night. You could ask your help to clean your vegetables and keep them ready, but do not chop them until it is time to eat or cook them. Once cut, they get oxidized and lose both nutrients and flavor.
  • Avoid buying pre-cut fruits and vegetables from the supermarket. You have no way of knowing how long they have been on the shelf or whether the preparation was hygienic.
  • When chopping your fruits and vegetables, cut out and throw away all bruised parts. Not only will these ruin the taste of your food, they are essentially dead food and quite possibly a breeding ground for bacteria.
Monday 23rd September Cabbage, carrot and coconut, curry leaf salad This is a new salad that I am trying this week, hope you enjoy! It a twist on a classic vegetarian side dish from my Mom’s kitchen. Vegetables and coconut gratings are carefully mixed with curry leaf dressing. It is served with a side of raw food flax seed crackers accompanied by creamy and spicy curry leaf sauce. Tuesday 24th September Chickpea cecina with a vegetable salad. Cecina is an Italian name for a type of “bread” that is made solely of chickpea flour, water with a few herbs. It is eaten by itself or as a part of a meal in the Tuscany region of Italy. Similar dishes are served in France and Spain with different names. It is very satisfying, tasty and nutritious. Please enjoy it with a vegetable salad and hot sauce to spice it up a little!  Chick peas (aka garbanzo beans) are nutritious and full of protein of B vitamins. They’re also loaded with fiber, heart-healthy polyun­saturated fats and minerals such as iron, magnesi­um, phosphorus, zinc and many others. Wednesday 25th September Raw food “pizza” served with avocado,  tomato, cucumber and other crispy vegetable salad. This is typically what I eat to be full when I am eating an all-raw-food meal. This is a common item in the menus of raw food restaurants around the world. Super nutritious meal loaded with enzymes naturally present in the foods aid in easy digestion of this kinds of meals. Thursday 26th September Beets ravioli Nature showered me with insane amount of beets. My head is thinking hard to create recipes that please our palates, I am well aware of most peoples love for beetsJ, yet keeping it light and nutritious. This beets ravioli is typically served in high end raw food restaurants around the globe. It does not have any flour, all made with beets and filling made of fermented nuts to imitate cheese. It is filling, so don’t be alarmed with the quantity. Enjoy it with side of chickpea salad. Friday 27th September Indian Jewel Salad. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pomegranate, semi-ripe papaya and coconut together with Yummy fresh sprouts– Mung bean, moth beans, chickpeas, micro greens of sunflower and coriander. This will be served with a tangy mint and coriander sauce. Sprouts are considered superfoods because of their high nutritional qualities. Loaded with protein, fiber, iron, calcium and other nutrients, sprouts are also high in bone-friendly and heart-healthy vitamin K.  I am hoping you feel symphony of flavors while you chew on this salad, enjoy! As always, please chew well. Served with a side of green hot sauce and jowar roti.  

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