International Women’s Day!

8th March, the International Women’s day, kept me quite occupied! What a day I had filled with stories that inspired and amazed me. Vibrant Living was proud and honored to be featured at the first of its kind WE-Hub, which is an initiative by the Government of Telangana. It is India’s first state-led incubator exclusively for women entrepreneurs. I got a chance to inspire young women and tell them my story of Vibrant Living started as a passion. I am proud that Vibrant Living as a company started with a humble and selfish yet genuine interests to grow into a business that not only helps people be mindful about taking care of themselves, but also find beauty in connecting with nature, farmers, and understanding the need for sustainable living. I constantly do through my food, talks, videos, blogs, and posts to help everyone in the right direction of nutrition and lifestyles. IMG-20180309-WA0042 There were a couple of stories featured at WE-Hub who found inspiration through my work over the last few years. To be greeted with excitement and admiration by these ladies who already found their success, pushed me harder and stronger to a higher sense of responsibility to inspire others like them, more through my work and stories. And, it is always fun to see all these young and awe-filled girls take endless selfies with me, and be their hero of sorts! 🙂 Next, I attended another event “Ode to Sarees” that was conducted by Heera, Shravan and Amala to raise funds for animal welfare and awareness for different weaves of the country. I was one of the guests at the event and was honored for my choice and promotion of saris, and my work as a vegan company. I was in awe of the vast information that Shravan gave us on different weaves! He started off with Telangana, and went on to enlighten us with different weaves of the country, which had always confused me and was kind of sorted out that day. IMG-20180309-WA0043 Right from the age of 17 or 18, I started wearing saris. Amala mentioned how growing up in Kalakshetra she had a langa, jacket, and half sari and a sari for a uniform, depending on the age. Growing up in Tirupati it was pretty similar to me. But the tall girl that I am, I did not like half saris and tended towards saris. I was always attracted to cottons and handlooms and grandmother’s Venkatagiri sari from day one, and everyone thought I was really weird. They attributed these kinds of saris to older women but all I saw in them was comfort and ease. In fact, my first was a Kanchi cotton in bright yellow color. What a fit all my elders threw, telling me not to wear something that was for “older” women. Everyone around me of my age was wearing georgette or what not, and I was totally standing out, which didn’t bother me a bit even though I was raised in a very conservative family. I guess I tried to live my life on my terms. Eventually, however, everyone embraced the comfort and my sari choice became a sort of trend in the family. I have an extreme love for all things that are made by hand as it shows the passion and love that have been put into them. I believe that handmade and artisanal products that are made by materials from nature and are crafted by humans carry certain live energies. Perhaps that is the reason why my wardrobe and personal belongings that I buy from my travels always reflect that side of me - appreciation for art and craft and the choice for natural things. On the 7th March, I attended the “Journey to Motherhood Blog Launch” by Shilpa Reddy based on her own pregnancy. At this event I spoke to inspire women who are confused about motherhood or situations related to it. IMG-20180309-WA0041 My experiences and education help me see lack of nutrition and lifestyles that other people may not see or understand. I have been spreading awareness about the alternatives that are crucial for the health of a pregnant mother and her baby to come. People also come under the influence of various myths and misconceptions regarding what to eat and do before, during, and after pregnancy. I too had a very interesting pregnancy that I am looking forward to sharing in another blog soon!

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