Menu for Week April 29th – May 3rd

Blog-14Hello everyone, Hope you had a good weekend, oops…what am I saying? We are almost in the middle of the week! Sorry, I am late in sending you my weekly menu. I’m travelling now and this week I can only send the menu itself and the blog will resume next week. I will have some interesting things to share with you next week. I can’t wait! 🙂 Here’s the menu for Apr 29 – May 3. All the dishes, as usual, are made with fresh organic ingredients! Monday 29th April Jowar, chickpeas and gongura salad. I know gongura is not a common salad green but it tastes excellent when used judiciously. This salad is served with a spicy gongura chutney to remind you of gongura pacchadi made by our mothers and grandmothers. Hope you enjoyed it! Tuesday 30th April Lobia salad served with ripe sweet mango and cucumber salad. I know that we are not used to eating sweet mango in vegetable salads but I thought it would be interesting to use it like in some the restaurants in the West which serve fusion cuisines. I personally enjoy this type of salads and find them very satisfying. Hope you too will like it. It comes with a red hot sauce and crunchy crackers. Please do try the salad without the hot sauce first as the salad has a nice balance of tastes even on its own. Continue reading Menu for Week April 29th – May 3rd

Menu for the week of April 22nd – 26th

Hello friends, Hope you had a good weekend. Here I am once again,writing to you from yet another part of the world, Barcelona, Spain!It is exciting to be in different places when I write my weekly menu:).This week my staff in Hyderabad got some great vegetables from Bangalore, thanks to climatic differences in different parts on India! I have planned a menu based on produce that I got or getting this week. Hope you enjoyed your lunches from my kitchen last week. Please do give me your feedback as it will help me to give you better meals :). Here in Barcelona, I see surprisingly little seafood despite being on the Mediterranean Sea. Lots of meat, meat and more meat!Having said that, we searched for places for good paella and did find a few right on the marina with some good seafood. Some specialized in seafood paellas. Paella (pronounced payeya) is a dish made with rice in a large flat pan together with vegetables, saffron and either seafood or meat. It is made differently depending on the region of Spain. In my experience, seafood paella in North America is usually made with chorizo sausage and hard to find without. I was happy to find good seafood paella here in Barcelona. Even though I prefer to eat vegan food and that’s why I send out only vegan meals, I do enjoy seafood when on the seacoast. I never eat meat as I got turned off by the idea of it some decades ago, so I wonder sometimes if this will also happen at some point in the future with regards to my occasional consumption of fish and seafood. Continue reading Menu for the week of April 22nd – 26th

Weekly Menu from 15th-19th April

Hello friends, I am thrilled to be writing to you from one of my favorite places in the world, Florence, Italy! I've had a relationship with this city for over 20 years. It feels great that over the time I formed nice friendships with people and have connections with different nooks and corners of the city. Nice to be walking around the town knowing where to go for anything that I need and to visit friends, casually saying “Ciao” to people at different cafes and shops who remained acquaintances over the years! 🙂 april 15Last night while making dinner for family and friends I once again realized that the kitchen is my favorite place to be J. I know, it is hard for some of you to imagine being in the kitchen in the midst of summer in India, let alone making a meal! That is where I come in or rather my folks in my kitchen in Hyderabad. Speaking of summer in India, mangoes definitely come to my mind along with fragrant jasmines and cool summer evenings. Enjoy mangoes, eat the ones that are ripened naturally and hopefully grown without spraying harmful chemicals. Eat as many mangoes as you want but remember to skip a meal to make up for the calorie intake, if you notice you will simply not be hungry for a meal. Mangoes make a great meal in themselves! They are extremely nutritious. Continue reading Weekly Menu from 15th-19th April

Menu for week March 18th to March 27th

Good Morning! Hope you had a good week and a great weekend.  You know that summer has arrived when you see vendors around town selling totapuri mango slices nicely dusted with salt and chili pepper.  Sugarcane juice vending carts appear in many parts of town, cooling mint water vendors, etc… I love all the sights getting ready for the summer!  To deal with the heat my natural rhythm kicks in where I want to make and eat light and refreshing food.  Less of baking, roasting and broiling... (as you know, there’s never any frying going on in my kitchen year round J.  I have planned the menu to help “keep us cool”. Hope you enjoy! Sugarcane juice is simply delicious! It is not all sugar as most people believe. It is only 15% sugar (and that too, unprocessed natural sugar).  It is very potent. You can even compare it, in some ways, to wheatgrass juice as sugarcane also is a grass, only a stout one!  One has more chlorophyll than the other and sugarcane has more sugar content.  It has abundance of all the vitamins and minerals. Sugarcane juice has calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A and lots of phytonutrients, antioxidants and host of other health-supporting compounds.  Studies have been done for their role in cancer fighting, weight loss, kidney cleansing, etc.  Don’t be afraid of sugarcane! J Just bite on the sticks, chew on the cubed sugarcane and don’t forget sugarcane juice that is freshly squeezed with lime and ginger.  Make sure to drink it immediately as the beneficial enzymes present in them get oxidized rapidly and even the taste is not the same… Sorry, last week I forgot to give you the dressing which I was going to make from the inspiration I got after drinking my first aam panna drink. I will make it this week and serve it with the Indian jewel sprout salad.  Continue reading Menu for week March 18th to March 27th

Menu for March 11th to 15th

Blog5 Dear Friends! Hope you had a good weekend and all charged for a brand new week! I am very excited that sweet, ripe mango season is nearing! Meanwhile, I will be using raw mangoes in as many ways as I can. ? It is one of the best ingredients for interesting drinks, vegetable juices, salads, stews, etc. Raw mangoes are loaded with vitamin C which is very important for good immunity, vitamin A that is essential for good vision, and good skin. It is also low in calories. Lower caloric intake has been proved in many scientific studies to be one of the keys to longevity and good health. Recently I had for the first time, a tart mango drink called Panna. It was very flavorful and refreshing. I am inspired to make a dressing based on the flavors of this drink which will be served on the day we have the sprout salad. Continue reading Menu for March 11th to 15th

Menu for March 4th to March 9th

Blog4 Dear Friends! A lot of times I am catching myself thinking this: “Does the person serving the food you get from me know how to best serve it?” Because, it’s important to know how best to serve a meal to enjoy it to the fullest, to maximize both its taste and goodness. I worry, for example, that whatever sauces, which I frequently include with my meals, are simply poured on top of either the main dish or the side dish without fully realizing the chef’s intentions for them. The best way to use these sauces are like this:

a) The hot sauces are given for those who like their food a little hotter, so try a little and find the right quantity to suit your palette.

b) Salad dressings are sometimes packaged separately so that the ingredients in the salad don’t wilt. Therefore, please ask whoever is serving not to pour the entire contents over the salad. It’s best to try and add dressing as you need to strike a balance to bring out the best out of the produce, rather than overpowering their beautiful natural flavors. Continue reading Menu for March 4th to March 9th

Menu from Feb 25th – March 1st

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. I had a fabulous weekend in Goa! I thought Goa is all about blue skies and beautiful beaches while I understood that there is lot more than that in Goa. I stayed on a cashew plantation at a friend’s farm and saw how the cashew fruits are picked, separated from the seeds and then pressed. feb 25First the sweet juice comes out (called neeru) and then they leave it to ferment, which become urrak! From there it will go to a distillery to make fenny which I only got to taste last year for the first time. At this time of year it was too early for making fenny. Just the sight of cashew fruits made me jump up with excitement! Eating the fruit brought a lot of childhood memories. The smell of the jeedi maamidi is intoxicating... Continue reading Menu from Feb 25th – March 1st

Menu from Feb 18 – 22

Blog2 Hello Everyone, Hope you all had a great weekend. As always, I really enjoyed putting meals together for you guys last week. I hope you enjoyed as well. This week I am going to use two new ingredients that I have never used in my lunches for you in the past. Both ingredients are important superfoods that we all should be incorporating into our diets. One ingredient is drumstick tree leaves and the other is horse gram or cow pea. Continue reading Menu from Feb 18 – 22

Menu for week Feb 11th to Feb 15th

Blog1 Hello Friends, I really enjoyed putting meals together for you guys last week. Hope you enjoyed as well. I know some of you said you were looking forward to lunch each day. Thanks! ? Also, thanks to all who sent me their feedbacks. It really helps me to understand the various preferences while keeping you healthy! Please do continue to send me your feedback, and for others…please send a few words my way, if you feel like ? Continue reading Menu for week Feb 11th to Feb 15th

Menu for week February 4th to February 8th

Hello friends!

Hope you all had a great week last week and a good weekend. Let me have feedback on what you think of my menu last week and this week too. Please send me emails of what you enjoyed and what you didn’t care for. It will help me plan menus to suit your taste.

I have instructions for each of the items in the menu at the end of this page as to how to best enjoy them.

It is not good to reheat food in a microwave oven, your food will be void of any nutrients or life force in it. Food you eat should be fresh, organic, wholesome, tasty and beautiful to get nutrients that your body needs to function at it’s best to help us have lots of energy, vitality, a sharp brain, youthful looks, immunity against illnesses. Please refrigerate the food if you are not consuming it for lunch. Leave the salads out in the room temperature for half hour before consuming so it is not too cold. Since no oil is added most of the time and a very little salt to the meals, they can’t stay fresh for a longtime.. Soups are best gently warmed up on the stove or even better leave the bottle in a bath of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Soup will get nicely warm and enjoyable. Most foods taste best at room temperatures. That goes especially true for fruits.


I feel blessed to have some awesome organic produce on had to create some wonderful meals. Hope you will enjoy and appreciate them as much as I do!

Basil from my father’s garden came to harvest this weekend. Can’t wait to use it!  Planning on creating a dish that imitates pasta with pesto Genovese and green beans.

I got also some great organic winter vegetables from Bangalore like cabbage, carrots and beets. I have on hand  green bell peppers that I haven’t used ever here in Hyderabad is I never got them organic, bright orange pumpkin, Napa cabbage, freshly dug new potatoes with the peels coming off while washing,  Totapuri semi sweet mango etc. You can actually taste the quality and pure flavors from these vegetables. I am so excited to create this weeks menu. Hope you will not only enjoy the tastes from these meals but also benefit from all the nutrients that are present in them in form of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and the positive vibrations natural foods carry. This will help you stay energersized through out the day and have good immunity to fight off the viruses that are ever present around us. I love doing what I am doing, so are my helpers in the kitchen. We all put much love into food we prepare. Live vibrantly with vibrant living foods!:-) I personally get inspired when I see nature’s abundance in form of fresh fruits, vegetables etc. I think of various ways possible to use them for creating exciting meals that are delicious and awesome for you. I am excited to share with you some of them in form of my organic lunches, juices and smoothies.

Monday 4th Feb

Stuffed and baked  green bell pepper with masoor dal, red rice, bokchoy in a tangy tomato sauce. Served on the side with a crispy salad and a simple dressing made of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Inspired by the Hungarian stuffed peppers made by my land lady from former Yugoslavia 20yrs ago! It is tasty served warm or at room temperature.

Tuesday 5th Feb

Black eyed peas salad with crispy lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers, cilantro, pomegranate and fresh coconut gratings. This salad will come with a spicy and tangy green sauce made of coriander, mango ginger, lime and chili.

Wednesday 6th Feb

Pesto Genovese on steamed string beans, young potatoes and cauliflower. Served with a side of tomatoes and chickpeas salad. This is a version of one of the most famous Italian dishes, pasta al pesto. Here I am using starchy potatoes in place of pasta! Potatoes are nutritious while pasta is made of flour which only adds unnecessary calories and more.

Thursday 7th Feb

 Thai inspired salad made with napa cabbage, green papaya, carrots, semi-ripe mango, red and yellow bell peppers and sprouts of mung and sunflower in a creamy, sweet and spicy almond dressing. It is so satisfying both for its intense flavors and from the richness of the almonds. Served with Asian flavored raw food seed and nut crackers.

Friday 8th Feb

Borsht, aUkaranian traditional soup made of cabbage, beets, and potatoes served with a side of chickpeas and vegan sour cream. Color of the soup is beautiful pink! Don’t be turned off by the color. It is a very delicately flavored soup which you will enjoy for sure. Gently mix in the vegan sour cream, enjoy chickpeas on the side or mix in with the soup.  It is good also at room temperature and also chilled. One of the few dishes that are inspired by my mom in laws cooking!