Blog menu for the week of 28th Jan – 1st Feb

Hello everyone! I celebrate seasons through food. I think we all do in some level of mindfulness towards nature and it’s magnifique! (a c pls) I was given some wonderful produce for this week. Along with wonderful everyday organic vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions etc I have some awesome bright green bok choy,  orange pumpkin,  red Delhi carrots, napa cabbage, freshly dug new young potatoes, raw mango flavored mango-ginger,  freshly stone ground organic yellow corn flour. All the colors in nature in the food  we eat are not only colorful but also contain the nourishment we need for this season and beyond. Different colors in fresh produce implies different antioxidants present in them like anthocyanins, carotenoids etc which will help prevent oxidation of omega oils in our body. Never mind all the details…it is just wonderful, tasty and good for your health to eat wide range of fruits and vegetables that are in season! I personally get inspired when I see nature’s abundance in form of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts, spices etc. I think of various ways possible to use them for creating wonderful meals that are delicious and awesome for you. I am excited to share with you some of them in form of my organic lunches, juices and smoothies. Following is the menu for the week of 28 Jan to 1st Febraury.
Monday 28th Jan
Green papaya Thai salad with creamy sweet and spicy almond, orange, kifir lime leaf, bird chili sauce. Served with a side of black eyed peas in a very mild dressing of lime and coriander. Eat together or on their own, see what you feel like. Can be enjoyed either way.
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